giovedì 25, agosto 2016


Media Kit ufficiale Expo Magazine
Launching Astana 2017 Kazakhstan 'Future Energy'
Future Energy, a climate of uncertainty: decisions of today for tomorrow
Risanamento SpA - The Milano Santa Giulia Project
Strategic Challenges in Global Energy - World Energy Outlook
COP - The Paris Climate Change Conference - 30 November to 11 December 2015
Looking towards Dubai 2020 'Connecting Minds, Creating the Future'
United Nations - Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
Giorgio Berner, President of the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Italy talks with Expo Magazine
Smart Working, the future of working spaces for a competitive organization
Food 2.0, a guide to the Mediterranean Diet
Official 2016-2017 Media Kit
Commission presents proposal to address global poverty and sustainable development
Fatine Amante, Public Relations Manager explains Nation Branding
What is the value of the Made in Italy?
Guida Monaci. Dynamic Business Solutions
From Milan with Love, the city's economy
Smart City, delivering a solution to our future
The finance capitals of the future
‘What is a cultural institution for?’ Fondazione Prada
Akran IP, Intellectual Property unveiled by Peter McAleese
Embassy Gardens Sky Pool - linking the tops of two 10-storey towers


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Expo Magazine™ is the leading publication dedicated to Universal Exhibitions, distributed globally in the key-places to the key-people. 
It serves an extremely wide range of readers attending or getting informed on Universal Exhibitions for Private and Business purposes.

Expo Magazine™ is a highly effective communication product, reaching millions of readers around the world (Printed Edition and Online Edition).

We invite you to read the official 2016-2017 Media Kit.

Expo Magazine™ - Astana 2017 - The Universal Exposition dedicated to Energy and Future Energies.
From January 2016 to December 2017 we promote, support and give global visibility to companies involved in Astana 2017.
The themes of Astana 2017 are: Reducing CO2 emissions, Living energy efficiency, Energy for all.
Astana 2017 addresses companies in the following sectors: Energy, Scientific research on future energy, Cutting edge technology, Governance, Innovative business models, Value change and social innovation.

Expo Magazine™ - Dubai 2020 - The Universal Exposition dedicated to Sustainability, Mobility and Development Opportunities.
From January 2016 to December 2020 we promote, support and give global visibility to companies involved in Dubai 2020.
Dubai 2020 addresses companies in the following sectors: Sustainability - lasting sources of energy and water, Mobility - smart systems of logistics and transportation, Opportunity - new paths to economic development.


The Global Expo Alliance
Sustainable Development Goals - United Nations
Guida Monaci. Dynamic Business Solutions
The Spanish Chamber of Commerce Media Partner