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Solar Frontier Americas Enters Into 150 MW Solar Module Supply Agreement With Cypress Creek Renewables


Solar Frontier Advances Its US Market Growth And Solidifies Its Global Footprint



Tokyo, March 29, 2016 – Solar Frontier, the world’s largest CIS solar energy solutions provider, announced today that it has entered into a 150 MW module supply agreement with Cypress Creek Renewables (CCR), a leading solar company specializing in locally-based development strategies and ownership of clean energy solar projects with over 2.6 GW of solar farms deployed or in development.


Solar Frontier will supply modules to a portfolio of Cypress Creek Renewables’ projects in various states including Indiana, South & North Carolina, Montana and Texas. The solar energy projects primarily range in size from 2-10 MW and will be installed throughout 2016.


Charles Pimentel, COO of Solar Frontier Americas, said, “Cypress Creek Renewables, a company recognized for its commitment to sustainable practices in local solar development, has become a bellwether relationship for Solar Frontier. Our relationship matured as a result of the strength of our technology and its ability to deliver superior internal rate of return (IRR) on Cypress Creek Renewables’ projects.”


“Solar Frontier is a reliable partner in helping us achieve our goal of making solar energy an affordable local energy choice for the communities we serve. The size of our commitment reflects our confidence in Solar Frontier and its product,” said Cypress Creek Renewables CEO, Matthew McGovern.


A world leader in manufacturing excellence, Solar Frontier has made consistent and significant advances in its growth and global customer base. The company has strategically developed a reliable and robust sales pipeline in the US market by fostering these successful key customers. In addition, the company’s advanced CIS technology continues to attract solar investors and project developers as a result of the solar modules’ higher energy yield (kilowatt-hours per kilowatt peak) in real-world environments than conventional crystalline silicon technologies. 


About Solar Frontier

Solar Frontier K.K., a 100% subsidiary of Showa Shell Sekiyu K.K. (TYO:5002) (“Solar Frontier”), has a mission to create the most economical, ecological solar energy solutions on Earth. Building on a legacy of work in solar energy since the 1970s, Solar Frontier today develops and manufactures CIS (denoting copper, indium, selenium) thin-film solar modules for customers in all sectors around the world. Solar Frontier’s gigawatt-scale production facilities in Miyazaki, Japan, integrate compelling economical and ecological advantages into every module: from lower energy requirements in manufacturing to the higher overall output (kWh) of CIS in real operating conditions. Solar Frontier is headquartered in Tokyo, with offices in Europe, the U.S.A., and the Middle East. Visit for more information.


About Cypress Creek Renewables

Cypress Creek Renewables is the largest and fastest growing dedicated provider of local solar farms.  Our local solar solution is so efficient we produce energy at or below market costs, and so convenient it allows us to deploy solar where the power is needed most.  With well over $1B invested and 2.6 GW of local solar farms deployed or in development, Cypress Creek partners with local communities and utilities to provide widespread access to affordable, clean energy. For more information, visit:

Solar Frontier is the world’s largest provider of CIS solar energy solutions. Our expertise covers the entire solar energy value chain, from pioneering next-generation CIS modules through to gigawatt-scale production and independent power production.

Company Name
Solar Frontier K.K
Tokyo, Japan
Main Activities
R&D; manufacturing and selling of CIS photovoltaic modules; solar power system sales; development of power plant projects; management of power generation business
About 1,500
Showa Shell Sekiyu K.K. (100%)
Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (First Section: 5002)

Our story begins with the oil crisis of the 1970s. In search of a sustainable energy future, our parent company began developing solar technologies with the Japanese government, academia and early industry leaders. This included crystalline silicon and amorphous silicon. We soon uncovered the advantages of CIS and committed to it from 1993. Known then as Showa Shell Solar, we commenced commercial production in 2007.

On the back of this success, the Atsugi Research Center – a world-record-setting R&D facility – and a new production plant followed in 2009. These set the stage for technological leadership and global growth. By early 2011, we had constructed the world’s first gigawatt-scale CIS production facility and were active in key global markets. Solar Frontier has since become a global provider of solar energy solutions, operating worldwide.


CIS is different. Solar Frontier has worked with leading solar panel technologies since the 1970s, including crystalline silicon. We realized in the early 1990s the unique potential of CIS - and we’ve pursued it ever since.

CIS stands for key ingredients copper, indium and selenium. But like other CIS manufacturers, we also include the elements gallium and sulfur in the semiconductor layer. That’s why our technology is sometimes called CIGS.

In the solar panel industry, CIS is known for its economical, ecological advantages.

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